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Finding that elusive villa in just the right location, the right size and in the style you want is not always that fact it can be very difficult and there are always compromises to be made.  Perhaps it looks out onto other houses or the garden is too small - maybe you would prefer a separate dining room or how about a roof terrace?

True there can be some real bargains on the resale market at the moment but is it worth compromising your requirements for the sake of spending just a little bit more?  Remember that you are going to have to live with your decision for many years so please don't kick yourself in future years by just going for the very cheapest option.

Having said that, the cost of choosing a plot and having a house built to meet your own specific needs is really not that expensive especially as much of the current price reductions actually apply as much to the labour costs as they do to actual land values.  With building work in short supply most builders are having to reduce their labour costs to ensure they get the contracts and keep their staff employed.

Obviously the overall cost will vary in line with location and size of plot together with size, design and quality of furnishings and fittings in your new villa so its not easy to state a price without sorting out a few of these details first.  However most people do not have the privilege of an unlimited budget so for any given budget we can at least give you some rough criteria to work within as regards sizes of plot and villa. 

Most clients have an idea of the style of villa they want as they have seen pictures somewhere on the internet or in a magazine and we use those as a starting point for our architect to come up with an initial suggested idea which can then be adapted and adjusted to meet both the physical and financial requirements.  If working on a particularly tight budget then our architect can come up with suggestions for changes to the design or alternative designs to meet that budget - if necessary looking at other plot options.

We have a wide selection of plots available in various sizes and locations and all on Urban land to ensure legality.  In some cases it is possible to rebuild an existing old property in the country on a larger plot of Rustic land - however restrictions are very tight as to what you can and cannot do on Rustic land and as such we would investigate each case individually to see what is possible and to ensure the finished house is fully legal.  You can no longer build a house on a bare plot of Rustic land in Andalucia even if it has a ruin on it.  Note:  There is a fuzzy boundary as to whether a property is a ruin and cannot be rebuilt or is sound enough to be classified as re-buildable, hence the need to investigate each case individually.

Concerned about financial security building off-plan?     What happens if the builder goes bust?

In most cases you will actually be purchasing the plot up-front meaning that you become the 'Promotor' and hence everything is in your name from the very start.  As you own the land you also own whatever is on the land so you effectively own the house all the way through the build.  The build will progress with stage payments which occur after specific milestones in the build have been reached and hence it is likely you will mostly be paying for work that has already been completed and only a small element paid in advance.  Should our architect  experience any problem with the builders he will source alternatives but as your building contract will be via the Architect there will be no change in the price.

The one key factor to ensure the project stays within budget is to agree all aspects of the design up front.  Making changes once the build has started will escalate costs (we have all seen examples of this on Grand Designs and the like!)  However some choices such as tiling and kitchens can be left until required in which case standard figures will be incorporated into basic price and only if you decide to go for more expensive items will the price increase.

So what's the first step?     Just gives us a call so we can discuss your basic requirements - we should be able to give you an early idea as to whether your requirements can be met with a new build or not, but just to give you a rough idea, for a small villa on one of the smaller plots, prices are likely to start from around 100.000 euros for the complete package of Plot, Licences, Build and Architects fees.


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